Oh, please dub me, Mr. Diver!

by Gunther Heinrich, 1 Sep 2006 in Reviews

I don’t know if it is common in the USA to dub an animated movie using stars who aren’t actors at the same time.

In Germany it is.

Today I watched a trailer for cars while I was waiting for my train and at the end it read “including the voices of Michael Schumacher and Kimmi ‘Sorry for Misspelling’ Raikönnen”.

Sooo, we have an animated feature made by Pixar. Ok.
We have voice actors. No problem. Someone nevertheless HAS to talk in it.
But these voice actors are in fact no actors. That’s bad.

I understand that today you have to make some interesting announcements to draw people but why on earth would someone risk the quality of the movie? Especially when those guys you use are no pros, who in fact never did something like