Mirai Nikki / Future Diary Manga Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Apr 2010 in Reviews

Note: this review covers the manga up to chapter 45

Admitted, the title of the manga sounds interesting if not a little bit strange. Future Diary. Future Diary? Is this the story about a girl in love with a vampire, reading her own entries in order to seduce him in glittering colors? Or would this be a bad sci-fi story of a guy writing about his path to becoming Darth Vader?

Although I wasn’t sure if the author would or could deliver on the potential I started to read it anyways. After reading the first volumes of Mirai Nikki one thing is absolutely clear to me: not only did the author of this manga deliver on the promise, he wrote and drew one of the best sci-fi action I’ve ever seen in any medium.

Kick-Ass Movie Review – Kick-Ass kicks some ass

by Gunther Heinrich, 13 Apr 2010 in Reviews

„And I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation”

Go watch Kick Ass! This movie kicks some serious ass. And sorry for the bad pun we all read thousand times already. (And be warned from heavy spoilers (see red flag besides the title if you’re reading this on my site)).

Wait a minute. Could you please stop for a moment? Hey! Come on…wait. I mean…hello? Please, calm you storm, okay? … Is there a ‘Pause’ key on this one? What the Styx is going on? Could you please wait a….oh man…

The basic premise of Clash of the Titans is not bad in itself. We have Perseus who hates the gods and decides to fight them. On the way to win we got the monster of the minute and a hot damsel in distress. That’s good enough to me. But the execution of director Louis Leterrier is so damn fricking fast and messed up that I didn’t even start to care a shit about what’s going on or the characters – and that’ only one problem of many.

Night at the Museum Review in One Sentence

by Gunther Heinrich, 4 Apr 2010 in Reviews

Madmind Synopsis

An unemployed father gets hired as night watchman by an almost bankrupt museum and doesn’t notice that he’s gone the way of his predecessors: nuts.

One Sentence Review

Night at the Museum is like Jumanji minus the ‘wow’, in other words it’s Jumanji Light filled with clichés and missed opportunities as numerous as plastic dwarfs under your shoes.

A Rolling Review of Rollerball (1975)

by Gunther Heinrich, 1 Apr 2010 in Reviews

Panem et circenses. Bread and games. Oh boy, nothing beats the Romans with putting out charming philosophies which worked liked a charm, until…well.

Rollerball is is the sci-fi-e revival of this motto but while the Rollerball audience had its share of fun I frantically tried to find the “games” part i.e. “fun” i.e. “thrilling” i.e. “moving”. Somehow the director seems to have forgotten that.