2010 Ends. It was nice.

by Gunther Heinrich, 19 Dec 2010 in The Movie & Me

Soon, the year 2010 ends and with it (as usual) a year full of movies (but no contact to aliens as predicted by some movies). Some of them were extraordinary, some of them shit. Well, judging from my reviews and my feelings the year for me was more mediocre than good.

Well, thanks to the Film Cynics I got wind of a nice compilation video I couldn’t have made any better.  I think it contains most of the better known and more (critically) successful movies of 2010, weaved together quite spectacularly.

Have fun watching it and trying to recognize all movies you’ve watched this year. I well reached the double digits – which nevertheless should be a shame for a movie reviewer and movie lover like me.

How many movies can you

The 9 Worst Moviegoers You Can Encounter

by Gunther Heinrich, 28 Nov 2010 in The Movie & Me

There’s one thing I hate as much as bad movies and that’s moviegoers so annoying they ruin the whole experience. Because of that I always try to know whose sitting where before I buy a ticket (in Germany, the tickets have a seating number, so only one seat per person). That task for some reason always ends up being rather difficult so most of the time I end up with the lunatics in the audience.

Please forgive me, but after so many years I just have to write down the nine biggest/worst moviegoers I ever had to endure during a watch. Consider this post a self-referential counseling session. During the last two weeks I had to endure so many types listed below at the same time I am a short hop from a mental breakdown.

But enough about me, here are the nine worst types of moviegoers you can run into in a movie theater.

It might come to a surprise for the one or the other but I sometimes watch European movies. Admitted, anything else would be stranger than fiction because I am living in Europe.

Today was such a day I went local again. I watched a French movie about some high school kids. It’s called The French Kissers, and well, the titles fits the movie really well. In a way it was the depiction of the more than awkward phase of puberty in full bloom – accompanied by much slurping and smacking. In other words: More than once it was embarrassing not only for the characters but also for the audience.

Is Hollywood Digging its own Grave?

by Gunther Heinrich, 2 May 2010 in The Movie & Me

You probably have heard of the music band OK Go, which are well known for their amazing one-cut music videos.

Some weeks ago they published their newest take, a marching band video to their latest track This Too Shall Pass. I watched the video, thought it’s amazing, wanted to blog about, but then learned that EMI prohibited viral marketing by not allowing embedding the video.

It stirred quite a small tornado in the net. And I decided to not blog about the video because I don’t promote the stuff of guys who piss me off by thinking they’re acting smart.

After that I didn’t bother anymore about it and so I totally missed the biggest news of them all regarding this matter: OK Go has decided to leave EMI and start their own label.

I was all “WOW” for a second and read the news to get some details (which are cool to read, by the way, I really start to love the front man Damian Kulash).

Here’s a money Quote from Kulash:

If someone’s gonna get to go make a three-minute movie, I wanna be the one having that fun! So in general, whenever we can do something ourselves, we do, because it also means that your career doesn’t ride on the ups and downs of somebody else’s marketing plan.

And while I was reading that one thought slowly crawled up in my mind: could something similar happen to big Hollywood production studios in the near future?

Why the Director’s Cut of Aliens Sucks

by Gunther Heinrich, 25 Apr 2010 in The Movie & Me

Let me get one thing straight from the beginning:

I love Aliens.

I think it is one of the best Sci-Fi Action movies ever made and one of the best movies of James Cameron before he started getting bad with scripts but even better with effects.

Aliens has great pacing, great suspense and hell a lot of great action. The sound effects for those awesome machine guns alone is fantastic. And on top it all Aliens is on par with Alien although they couldn’t be more different in terms of their respective feeling.

The Director’s Cut of Aliens is whole different story here.