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For almost six years I go to a movie theater at least once in a week. But I do not go to movies I know of. That is boring. With at least 10 friends I attend Sneak Previews which not only give me the chance to watch bad movies and movies I never thought I would. They also give me the chance to experience sometimes truly crazy and unusual happenings a normal movie goer might never see.

So here it is. The Top Ten of the most unusual and crazy experiences in a Movie Theater:

10. Wrong movie tickets
In the

Do you want to know what really is embarrassing? When you think you know something although in fact you don’t.
When you follow this post by Kevin Koch and the comments, you will see that I contributed my thoughts to it. This includes my understanding of the small little word “plot”. And you know what? I screwed up. So here is the deal: you have fun reading while I start my research engine, dive into the worlds of “plot” and “story” and will try to make clear what they mean.

Story and Plot, Aristotle and Forster

On the search for the right definitions and explanations regarding “plot” and “story” Wikipedia comes to mind as it is in many ways an (not always) adequate start

John Alvin and his Poster Art

by Gunther Heinrich, 10 Feb 2008 in Movie News The Movie & Me

One thing is for sure: the difference between Poster Art and Cover Art of the same movies most often cannot be bigger. While I often watch full of awe the things hanging down from the walls I am most often not amused by those “things” I see on many DVD Covers.

My personal “Cover of Hate” is the terrible DVD Cover Art for Matrix Revolutions which simply photoshops together all four different (and wonderful) single sheet posters (and is one reasons why I started to create some of my own poster/cover art of famous movies).

I can almost see the discussion going on for the DVD Cover Art of Matrix 3:

Manager 1: Well, well, we have a draw. Each poster got a vote. Now, what should

Why movies never can be truly realistic

by Gunther Heinrich, 19 Dec 2007 in The Movie & Me

I still remember a discussion I had after we watched the Chinese movie “Hero” in a sneak preview. My friends and acquaintances were more or less all about one thing: the flying/weightless people. “What was that, for crying out loud?” “That was not realistic at all!”

My reaction? “Well, which movie is that anyway?”

Movies and my two levels of Realism

Although I couldn’t really proof my statement I nevertheless felt during that time that my feeling was nevertheless true. It was that feeling I had after watching hundreds if not thousands of movies and episodes. Nevertheless I couldn’t really pinpoint the reasons exactly.

Now after finishing the book “Story” by McKee I think I know why I couldn’t tell the reason at that time. It was because I now understand that all movies

When was the last time when you thought, Hey, that 3D movie not only was great looking, it also had a really great, non-cliché ridden story?

The blog of John K about cartoons and animation in general is again and again contains really interesting stuff, which is especially true for me, since at some stage I have to animate a short movie myself. Some days ago John has published a post with some very interesting points in it. I don’t want to write about the animation part of 3D generated movies, though, since I am no animator but I want to write about the situation in general.

3D Movies and their stories

You know, John K mentions in his post that it seems that Hollywood is coming with ideas or stories some