Stupid German Movie Titles

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 Nov 2007 in The Movie & Me

What do you get when you mix a Hollywood movie with the German language and German marketing? Right, you get stupid and silly movie titles whose “inventors” should be ashamed of.

You don’t might believe it, but when a movie from the USA is imported into Germany it most of the time gets a language revamp. Most often the result is average, meaning, you get the original title and its translation as a subtitle (Total Recall – Die totale Erinnerung). Sometimes the result is worse, meaning, you get the original title and a completely new german silly subtitle (Alien – Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt (Alien – The eerie creature from an alien world)). But very often the result can even get worse.

You don’t believe it? Well here is

IMDB and movie geeks

by Gunther Heinrich, 17 Nov 2007 in The Movie & Me

What do you get when you mix a big database for movies and geeky movie fans?

You get an interesting list of characters you sometimes never heard of before.

For me, the Internet Movie Database, or IMDB, is one of the most important information ressource when it comes to movies or actors. I am quite sure that nothing else in the big wide net will come close to this vast amount of data. The best thing of course is the fact, that the team is not standing still. Some months ago (or weeks?) they added a new feature to the site: the character pages. This means, if you wanna know in which movies James Bond was a part of, now you can look. Moreover, it seems that those character pages

The best opening shot of a movie ever

by Gunther Heinrich, 18 Feb 2007 in The Movie & Me


Last week I wrote about the best ending shot ever in a movie.

So this week it is time to talk about the best movie opening shot ever.

Since I watched my first movie as a baby I have seen hundreds of movie openings. Most of the were mediocre and some were great but none of them can even slightly compare with the one they pulled off in Akira.

If any teacher should pick one shot to talk about with the students it should be this one because no other sets the mood so perfectly like this one when Tokyo gets totally obliterated by an atomic explosion. What do you hear? Nothing. During the whole scene you basically hear nothing – it’s

The best movie ending shot ever

by Gunther Heinrich, 1 Feb 2007 in The Movie & Me

Up to now I have watched hundreds of movies ending thousands ways with millions of last shots. But none of them can compare with the final shot of “2001 – A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick with the Watcher aka the baby.

You know, I love this movie with its silence and patience which is even more of a patience today if you watch todays sci-fi with its action, hunting, creaturing and so on. Everything about this movie is somehow special and the ending is of course one of it.

One day as I was watching this movie again it suddenly struck me, and I was ashamed for not noticing earlier: In the final shot the baby is watching Earth by slowly rotating. By this rotation its view slowly but surely shifts.

Monster movies’ final revelation

by Gunther Heinrich, 28 Oct 2006 in The Movie & Me

Monster movies besides of their trash quality have all one cool scene: the final revelation.
Most of the time it is the same: a group of heroes land somewhere for a research, a movie or something else. But they are or were not the first ones on the scene. Someone was here before and has been murdered by some horrible thing.

But we only saw a glimpse of it. A hand here, a foot there or footprints only. You know: something big and scary is out there. Hunting. Lurking and waiting in the shadows.

You sit in your chair and then there is it: the final revelation. We (the heroes and we) see the monster for the first time in its full beauty. Big, slimy or scary. Whatever it looks like doesn’t matter