Warning. Comedian entering the movie stage!

by Gunther Heinrich, 3 Sep 2006 in The Movie & Me

Here in Germany it seems we have a lack of good actors. Ok, besides the fact it seems we seem to lack good directors, producers and writers this is the most prominent or visible one.

During the last few years several comedies were created and published and many, if not all, had comedians in it. Comedies and comedians seems to be a really good combination at first sight but on second it is not.

The problem is not that those guys may be funny for some people. The problem is that they use their mannerism they developed on and for a stage in a movie. They therefore don’t in fact act but they are in a way themselves- the way we know them anyway. The only difference is the setting.

There sure are

Thank you for not spoiling

by Gunther Heinrich, 31 Aug 2006 in The Movie & Me

On Monday I watched the movie Thank you for smoking and I have to admit that I am really impressed. Not onyl about the movie but also about the mainstream media.

Therefore: Thank you media for not spoiling me the best parts of the movie. Thank you for only using material from the first ten or twelve minutes of the movie. It doesn’t matter if you had to do it that way or not. It doesn’t matter if you only had those first minutes. You didn’t ruin everything.

Thank you for not doing a job the director itself is better in anyway (someone remember the trailer of Deep Impact?).

Thank you media.