16 Jun 2010   Fun

Too crazy to be Fiction

Okay guys, this news simply is too crazy to be left ignored on this movie blog called madmind…

My Name is Khan Review

Let me warn you upfront if you are from the US: By watching My Name is Khan you either start to hate yourself or the movie. Totally depends on your mindset.

The Best Action Scene Ever

The following clip is from a Bollywood movie called Alluda Majaka. Anyone who regularly watches YouTube videos should recognize the face of actor Chiranjeevi, as this guy emerges everytime you search for “Bollywood” “action scene” or similar stuff.

And boy does he deliver in this video!

In a way he’s the one who comes closest to our holy action god Chuck Norris. Of course there’s still a margin of the size of a galaxy between both since Chuck Norris can walk on air and once destroyed a black hole just by shouting at it.

Nevertheless, having a horse slide underneath a car and riding through glass panes where you’d normally place doors and riding between a bunch of strategically extremely well placed cars is epic, too.

Watch and marvel:

Splice Movie Review – Stupidity Owns!

Before I start the review itself: I fucking love both the teaser and standard movie poster! Both are some of the best designed sheets in recent memory and I couldn’t even think of something fitting better than those two.

Okay, on to the movie…

Do you know the moment when you watch a movie and think “Okay, that was stupid”? Splice is a movie in which those moments occur every five or so minutes.


The Terrible Mess of DC and Marvel – Soon in your Theater of Choice

Someone has mixed an “Amazing Spider-Man” in with the “Peter Parker – The Spectacular Spider-Man” series. This will not stand. (Comic Book Guy)

Imagine, for a minute, a movie in which two franchises called Star Trek and Star Wars team up. For whatever reason necessary.

Does that sound ridiculous? Indeed it does. Those two just don’t fit together at all, despite anything and everything some geeks throw into the discussion just to make this come true.

This thought about Star Wars and Star Trek crossed my mind while I was reading a news article regarding the latest plan for new superhero movies set to be released on 2012 onwards. Although I was extremely happy to read Batman 3 is now on track I also got the feeling that Hollywood doesn’t do itself a favor with all those superhero movies – and especially those “teaming up” movies that are supposedly on the way…

Star Trek and Star Wars aka. Batman and Superman aka. Superhero One and Superhero Two.