Night at the Museum Review in One Sentence

Madmind Synopsis

An unemployed father gets hired as night watchman by an almost bankrupt museum and doesn’t notice that he’s gone the way of his predecessors: nuts.

One Sentence Review

Night at the Museum is like Jumanji minus the ‘wow’, in other words it’s Jumanji Light filled with clichés and missed opportunities as numerous as plastic dwarfs under your shoes.

A Rolling Review of Rollerball (1975)

Panem et circenses. Bread and games. Oh boy, nothing beats the Romans with putting out charming philosophies which worked liked a charm, until…well.

Rollerball is is the sci-fi-e revival of this motto but while the Rollerball audience had its share of fun I frantically tried to find the “games” part i.e. “fun” i.e. “thrilling” i.e. “moving”. Somehow the director seems to have forgotten that.

From Paris with Love Review – Kinda

Wouldn’t you also agree that sometimes all you need to be happy is a big fat cheeseburger in a run down restaurant? It doesn’t always have to be a fine dinner – at least to me.

In terms of movies this means that sometimes all I need is a big fat action movie without a complex plot but badass characters showing their badassery in each and every second. Cool stunts, cool one-liners and cool moments. That’s about it.

But I seem to be one of the few, at least when you somehow count me to the folks who professionally review movies, a movie critic…*lolz, rofl etc.*

But you know? There are moments when I totally and truly and simply don’t understand some of the movie critics out there. At least those who seem to be the kind of people who think that movies should always be deep, have rich characters or plots and so on. In other words those movie critics who seemingly only eat in high class restaurants while listening to some fine tunes of Bach.

From Paris with Love is in my eyes one of those moves that unmasks this kind of movie reviewers.

Akira Review
20 Mar 2010   Anime /Reviews

Akira Review

Akira is the anti-thesis to Disney in any way you can think of.

In other words: you can take almost anything except animation and the negative version is Akira. Where Disney is easy to understand, Akira is hard to understand. Where Disney is fluffy, Akira is hard as a brick. Where Disney animates people as if they are bad over-acting actors, Akira is about realistic animation. Where Disney is “for children”, Akira is for adults etc etc pp ad nauseam, I think you get the picture.

I really can understand that Akira, at the time of its release in 1988, blew the mind of western audiences.

Basically this is also the reason you have to watch Akira, even if you don’t like anime or animation. Even with all its flaws Akira is not called a landmark animation, even a classic, for no reason.

How to watch a DVD
18 Mar 2010   Fun

How to watch a DVD

Watching a movie DVD is simple.

In theory.

Since this technology is so brand new and complicated, only a few chosen people are able to use them so called DVD players.Although my parents warned me to engage in such a dangerous task I didn’t waste one second to help you people out of your misery.

Therefore after many decades full of experiments (and some dead assistants) I can finally present you a paper/manual that truly tells you how to watch a DVD.