Predators Teaser Poster Reimagined

Soon the movie world will be blessed by a new iteration of the well known Predator franchise. I sure love the original movie to death but I am not quite sure if the new one can promise what the old one fulfilled. (Just for your info: I didn’t even care to watch any of the sequels or mash-ups.) So, the Predators teaser poster I just found on various movie news sites just is like I feared it to be: the idea itself is great because we all love and fear those nasty bastards but the execution of the idea is mediocre at best.

How to cut a Cake the Hilarious Way

She snaps…she literally snaps…

Thank god for YouTube’s recommendations because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have found this extremely funny scene  from the anime Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei (Farewell, Mr. Despair).

As the title suggests, the series is about a teacher who often is trying to kill himself (or on the verge of being absolutely in despair) and his group of eccentric female students.

She snaps…she literally snaps…

Now, if you wonder how eccentric they are: this scene shows you what happens when someone who is extremely fixated to do everything perfectly prepares to cut a cake when people start flooding in.

The solution of this problem is as simple as hilarious:

A Short Oscar 2010 Note

The Oscar Show has finished and I again did not watch it. So it’s business as usual.

Well, almost.

Hollywood’s Reboot Madness: The Ultimate Solution

It seems that Hollywood is getting more desperate by the minute to find new stupid reboot ideas to ruin our daily nerves. In case you didn’t know Hollywood plans to reboot the reboot of Superman, wants to reboot Spiderman and reboots Fantastic Four, RoboCop and so many other franchises and wannabe’s.

I think we can all agree that this situation is slowly but surely getting out of hand. The best example truly is Superman which didn’t even scratch the surface of a true trilogy before a new reboot.

But this situation doesn’t have to go on forever. After some thinking I found a simple and straightforward yet ultimate solution to all this reboot madness coming from Hollwood:

An Endureview: Mr. Deeds

I really have to thank Mr. Deeds, I mean, Mr. Sandler for this movie. Thanks to him I found a new form of reviewing. I call it the Endureview which is a combination of “endure” and “review”. Basically this means I will review a movie up to the point my brain exploded from stupidity and I turned off. So, let’s get started…

First urge to turn off?

When Adam Sandler starts singing Bowie’s Space Oddity in the helicopter. (~15 min. mark)

Execution of urge?

Right. At. That. Moment.

Oh boy. This movie is not hard to swallow. It’s impossible to swallow. After 15 minutes I couldn’t continue to watch this shit and ruin my life by wasting my time on it.

One of the most amazing aspects of this finding is, by the way, the fact I once completely watched Mr. Deeds – and didn’t hate it. WTF? Either I was completely wasted at that time or my mind didn’t really mind it. Perhaps I wanted to watch this shit. Oh well…

So what can I possibly write about Mr. Deeds after only 15 minutes. It’s easy because using the sensitive elegance of a sledgehammer the director slams one single – if not the single – cliché into our skullcap: small towns are “yay” while cities are “ugh” filled with morons. The first part of Mr. Deeds starring our much beloved Adam Sandler basically is about nothing else…