Thank God the 3D Animation Hype cools down

Unfortunately it doesn’t cool down fast enough.

Star Trek as an Alternative Movie Poster

The gap between an idea and its execution sometimes can be as large as the empty lot between the ears of a clichéd horror movie chick.

Marvel gets Disneylized and here are my thoughts

Just when I didn’t open my feed reader for two days Disney bought Marvel for a whopping 4 billion Dollar. I really don’t want know what happens when I don’t open my reader for a whole week…

Regardless of the wrath I might bring upon the world this deal is quite something and even comes close to the “legendary” acquisition of Pixar. But why did Disney buy Marvel and what are some consequences of this deal?

Pixar’s Up Review: Why it is not the cream of the crop

Imagine a big, crowded movie theater at the end of a movie. The light turns on. The audience stands up and starts to cheer frantically. Except for one little guy in the middle. He raises his hands and says a small “But…” Before he can even reach the second word everyone in the crowd yells “SHUT UP!”

Don’t you hate those moments?

Well, that’s the way I feel right know regarding Pixar’s newest movie hit Up. Despite all the great moments it contains I simply cannot find me loving it as I apparently should since all the other reviewers and critics do just that.

The bigger the better? The Bullshit Thinking of some Hollywood Studios.

I just read the post on Slashfilm about the studio’s intervention of the production of Fanboys which is ‘surprising’ and logic at the same time. The studio not only recut the movie many time and wanted to add silly shit, they also removed the core of the story: cancer.

And the reason is as simply as the blue of the skies:

“What they were trying to do was take my movie, our movie, and give it the biggest possible release, and find the biggest possible audience they could.”

Am I the only one who’s fed up with this kind of thinking?