Terminator Salvation Movie Review

There’s probably nothing about the new Terminator: Salvation I could write that hasn’t already been said or written. But I nevertheless do it and write about a movie that tries hard to achieve so much but in the end fails miserably.

Google Squared: Goldfinger is not a Movie

What happens when you let an algorithm do the work a human can do much better albeit much slower? You get a big, fat *lol*.

The Spiral of Shit

You know, slowly but surely Hollywood is starting to be a pain in the ass. Ok, I am the first one to scream, ohm write that moviemaking is risky. A Producer can lose money faster than one might think but it is getting overboard because there are simply too many sequels, remakes and prequels in the works.

As to this sequel madness the last weeks were especially entertaining. Many news made their way to the movie blogs and hence to my RSS reader and there was once a point when I started to believe that this whole thing is a big single joke:

A little bit of Ekova with Starlight in Daden

Originally I planned to write a small rant about the current situation of Hollywood with its unlimited flow of movie remakes, reboots and sequels.

Then I stumbled across a piece of music that made me change my plans.

Bazooka Joe and Hollywood for President (Updated)

Yay for true, unstoppable creativity!!! Hollywood finally hit the eternal heights of creativity from which they cannot be thrown down anymore. They’ve done it. Seriously. Because….fasten your seatbelts…because they have decided to make a movie out of a bubblegum comic called Bazooka Joe.