The Expendables Movie Review

Stallone was eager to prove it to everybody.

And while he was at it, Stallone made a massive mistake: when you get the chance to bring together some of the most well-known action stars into one big action movie, for the love of god be ironic, witty and funny. Don’t take yourself too seriously and spoof your own genre a little bit. And most of all go all out, be crazy and silly and as over the top as possible. I don’t mean that in an action kind of way (which The Expendables certainly delivers) but in a story kind of way. Like Crank.

Well, Stallone decided to not go that way and unfortunately the result might be an adrenaline filled and one-liner filled action movie but the result at the same

Fantastic Four 2 – Rise of the Silver Surfer: The Movie Review

I’m terribly sorry!

Unstoppable (The movie review)

Despite the generic feel Tony Scott’s action extravaganza gave off, it turned out much better than I expected.

The Mechanic Movie Review

Up to a certain point, The Mechanic feels like your usual action movie. Jason Statham plays a taciturn killer named Arthur Bishop who excels in sending bad people to the other side while letting it look like accidents. Since you can’t fill a movie with only sending another bad guy to the other side Bishop one day gets the order from his “company” to kill his old mentor because that guy must have leaked some crucial information of an operation.

The Mechanic really starts as your generic and mediocre action flick. Even someone living under a rock could guess that Statham’s character was being set up. But who gives? I’m the first one to ignore a story if at least the movie delivers on the action part. Explosions, fighting, broken bones

Season of the Witch
20 Mar 2011   Reviews

Season of the Witch

Sometimes I really wonder. Did the guy in charge of the script research his matter at hand? Or did he puzzle everything together by watching other movies dealing with the same topic?

For Season of the Witch the writer did neither. He went even so far as to bother himself with nothing at all it seems. Moreover, everybody else in the production team didn’t bother either about anything, too.