John emerges from the eerie woods behind him, running for his life, his right arm stained in blood. The fast footsteps echo through the dead grass around him.

Frantically and gasping he searches the surroundings for something to hide. After mere seconds his eyes are glued on a shallowly lit barn which best days are long past.

As John changes his course a dark figure in farmer cloths jumps out from the woods behind him. The metal of the bloody knife is flashing as the silent figure sprints through the grass like lightning.

As some sort of follow up to my post from yesterday I (again) more and more respect those guys working on 3D animation. Not as a hobby but as a full time worker each day, each week.

Currently I am working on a 3D / CGI image to increase my personal gallery and my frustration level is going growing by the minute because of seemingly small problems I encounter here and there but push the boundaries of time planning beyond infinity.

I really don’t want to know how bad this is when you are a professional working with a tight project plan and a tight budget. It must be nerve wrecking…

Although I am absolutely the opinion that it is OK to criticize a bad 3D animated movie with a bad script (the

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My mind on the run

What is the best way to increase render times of a 3D image? You include volume rendering and let your machine enter digital oblivion to be never seen again. Dual Core? Quad Core? Doesn’t matter. Perhaps a 16 Core might help.
3D is in no way 2D. While the 2D animator has to fight the strokes, the 3D animator has to fight the (technical) content. Life is unfair and I should have went 2D.
Comment spammers are stupid. Does anyone in the spamming business really believe that anyone would post a comment with 40 links? Perhaps this is the same reason for why they won’t stop it. Stupidity is a blessing.
Is yellow a nice color for horror movies? Or horror images? Did anyone ever try rose?

Do you know someone who cannot decide on something and stick with it? And do you know what’s worse than that? A company that does the exact same thing.

Why did you have to produce WALL•E? And why did you have to deliver such a wonderful result? And why did you have to release this movie just when I am about to create my own short movie about a small robot trying to fulfill its dreams?

Why???? Dammit!