21 Nov 2006   Reviews

A review of PULSE

Stunning visuals, silly heroes. Great potential, bad execution.

I like J-Horror. The main reason is that they find interesting stories besides the “bad house gets evil”-plot or the “teenage girl gets sliced up”-story we all know so well. Japanese seem to tend to search for stories about small things from daily and normal life which are misused from the dead – or not so dead – which makes those kinds of movies interesting to me, as they explore more than often different themes. Of course the best example is “The Ring” or “Ringu” – in which a video cassette and serial letters get a whole new meaning and dimension.

Now, here is “Pulse”, a remake of the J-Horror ‘Kairo’ which deals with the Internet, WLan and mobiles, and how the ghosts are

I just found out one really cool little thing on Google.

With my rant about the movie Severance I, in fact, created a new word. At least for Google. And this word is ‘slamedy’. My post is the first and only listing.
I can’t think of anything cooler than this at the moment.

It also shows that Google is rather fast to index my blog. This is another cool fact.

Oh boy. If you could see my smile you’d think I’ve gone crazy.

Monster movies besides of their trash quality have all one cool scene: the final revelation.
Most of the time it is the same: a group of heroes land somewhere for a research, a movie or something else. But they are or were not the first ones on the scene. Someone was here before and has been murdered by some horrible thing.

But we only saw a glimpse of it. A hand here, a foot there or footprints only. You know: something big and scary is out there. Hunting. Lurking and waiting in the shadows.

You sit in your chair and then there is it: the final revelation. We (the heroes and we) see the monster for the first time in its full beauty. Big, slimy or scary. Whatever it looks like doesn’t matter

24 Oct 2006   Reviews


Ok, I know the horror movie slasher genre.

I know it too well with all its formulas.

Nevertheless I love SEVERANCE although it uses exactly those formulas. For one it’s the bunch of rather interesting and fresh characters you find in here. Well, there is a blonde beauty but every other member of the cast is looking….normal. And in a normal age. You won’t see one 17 year old girl who is running away in a cheerleader uniform and for that alone I love this movie.

And then there is the really wicked fun. Most of the time you’ll see small jokes or funny moments. One for example is a scene in which the blonde beauty says she doesn’t want to eat anything since she isn’t hungry. The guys looks at her and

Here in Germany it seems we have a lack of good actors. Ok, besides the fact it seems we seem to lack good directors, producers and writers this is the most prominent or visible one.

During the last few years several comedies were created and published and many, if not all, had comedians in it. Comedies and comedians seems to be a really good combination at first sight but on second it is not.

The problem is not that those guys may be funny for some people. The problem is that they use their mannerism they developed on and for a stage in a movie. They therefore don’t in fact act but they are in a way themselves- the way we know them anyway. The only difference is the setting.

There sure are