Shaft (1971)
9 Jan 2011   Reviews

Shaft (1971)

For a movie that’s being called a cult classic, Shaft is a total disaster and one of my biggest disappointments ever. Shaft is so boring! How anyone can label this as a cult classic is beyond me

2010 Ends. It was nice.

Soon, the year 2010 ends and with it (as usual) a year full of movies (but no contact to aliens as predicted by some movies). Some of them were extraordinary, some of them shit. Well, judging from my reviews and my feelings the year for me was more mediocre than good.

Well, thanks to the Film Cynics I got wind of a nice compilation video I couldn’t have made any better.  I think it contains most of the better known and more (critically) successful movies of 2010, weaved together quite spectacularly.

Have fun watching it and trying to recognize all movies you’ve watched this year. I well reached the double digits – which nevertheless should be a shame for a movie reviewer and movie lover like me.

How many movies can you

I Am Legend – The Crappy End Movie

Wow. What the heck happened here? The last third (perhaps even the last half) of I am Legend is as bad as can be. In other words: It’s bullshit. It’s as simple as that.

The 9 Worst Moviegoers You Can Encounter

There’s one thing I hate as much as bad movies and that’s moviegoers so annoying they ruin the whole experience. Because of that I always try to know whose sitting where before I buy a ticket (in Germany, the tickets have a seating number, so only one seat per person). That task for some reason always ends up being rather difficult so most of the time I end up with the lunatics in the audience.

Please forgive me, but after so many years I just have to write down the nine biggest/worst moviegoers I ever had to endure during a watch. Consider this post a self-referential counseling session. During the last two weeks I had to endure so many types listed below at the same time I am a short hop from a mental breakdown.

But enough about me, here are the nine worst types of moviegoers you can run into in a movie theater.

South Movie Review
21 Nov 2010   Reviews

South Movie Review

Don’t bother to watch South.