Season of the Witch

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 Mar 2011 in Reviews

Sometimes I really wonder. Did the guy in charge of the script research his matter at hand? Or did he puzzle everything together by watching other movies dealing with the same topic?

For Season of the Witch the writer did neither. He went even so far as to bother himself with nothing at all it seems. Moreover, everybody else in the production team didn’t bother either about anything, too.

Wait a minute. Could you please stop for a moment? Hey! Come on…wait. I mean…hello? Please, calm you storm, okay? … Is there a ‘Pause’ key on this one? What the Styx is going on? Could you please wait a….oh man…

The basic premise of Clash of the Titans is not bad in itself. We have Perseus who hates the gods and decides to fight them. On the way to win we got the monster of the minute and a hot damsel in distress. That’s good enough to me. But the execution of director Louis Leterrier is so damn fricking fast and messed up that I didn’t even start to care a shit about what’s going on or the characters – and that’ only one problem of many.