The Thor movie? Not that good. (Review)

by Gunther Heinrich, 29 May 2011 in Reviews

I know there’s a plot in there that would make me care. I just cannot find it.

I’m terribly sorry!

Someone has mixed an “Amazing Spider-Man” in with the “Peter Parker – The Spectacular Spider-Man” series. This will not stand. (Comic Book Guy)

Imagine, for a minute, a movie in which two franchises called Star Trek and Star Wars team up. For whatever reason necessary.

Does that sound ridiculous? Indeed it does. Those two just don’t fit together at all, despite anything and everything some geeks throw into the discussion just to make this come true.

This thought about Star Wars and Star Trek crossed my mind while I was reading a news article regarding the latest plan for new superhero movies set to be released on 2012 onwards. Although I was extremely happy to read Batman 3 is now on track I also got the feeling that Hollywood doesn’t do itself a favor with all those superhero movies – and especially those “teaming up” movies that are supposedly on the way…

Star Trek and Star Wars aka. Batman and Superman aka. Superhero One and Superhero Two.