Why the Director’s Cut of Aliens Sucks

by Gunther Heinrich, 25 Apr 2010 in The Movie & Me

Let me get one thing straight from the beginning:

I love Aliens.

I think it is one of the best Sci-Fi Action movies ever made and one of the best movies of James Cameron before he started getting bad with scripts but even better with effects.

Aliens has great pacing, great suspense and hell a lot of great action. The sound effects for those awesome machine guns alone is fantastic. And on top it all Aliens is on par with Alien although they couldn’t be more different in terms of their respective feeling.

The Director’s Cut of Aliens is whole different story here.

Stupid German Additional Movie Titles

by Gunther Heinrich, 14 Jun 2009 in The Movie & Me

Finding a good or great movie title is hard work in the movie industry – especially in Germany, as my post about stupid German movie titles and its follow up post have already proven.

Yet, there is a sometimes even better way of movie titling. It’s the German way of the marketing gurus to add additional titles nobody ever needs. Admitted, the additional titles most often are the results of the worst efforts to not only please the movie fan but also the average guy out there at the same time.

Despite those good intentions my beloved German movie titlers still have a unique talent to wreck any title given to them, so the additional titles don’t have to fear any comparison with the worst examples of their big brothers.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a lot of agony and fun with the following list of ten stupid additional movie titles you only find in Germany including an appropriate translation.

We all know them: STAR WARS, TERMINATOR and GODFATHER, to name just a few. But did you ever wonder how well or badly they fared at the box office? Well, search no further because after a statistical look at the most successful genres of 2008, this post will take a graphical look at 32 franchises and trilogies to give the answer.

Stupid German Movie Titles Reloaded

by Gunther Heinrich, 28 Mar 2008 in The Movie & Me

It is almost unbelievable how successful my post dealing with stupid German movie titles became. Well, at least my various tools I have installed for basic tracking tell me this. So, what could be better than build upon this success? You named it: nothing.

Hence, without much further ado I bring you a new part giving you some new stupid German movie titles. Because the ones I already posted are by far not the only ones.

Original Title: The Thing
Original Title in German: Das Ding
German Title: Das Ding aus einer anderen Welt
German Title in English: The thing from another world
Comment: Well, it seems that The Thing in German was not good enough. It seems that the studios thought about giving more information about things (no pun intended) we already knew.

Stupid German Movie Titles

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 Nov 2007 in The Movie & Me

What do you get when you mix a Hollywood movie with the German language and German marketing? Right, you get stupid and silly movie titles whose “inventors” should be ashamed of.

You don’t might believe it, but when a movie from the USA is imported into Germany it most of the time gets a language revamp. Most often the result is average, meaning, you get the original title and its translation as a subtitle (Total Recall – Die totale Erinnerung). Sometimes the result is worse, meaning, you get the original title and a completely new german silly subtitle (Alien – Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt (Alien – The eerie creature from an alien world)). But very often the result can even get worse.

You don’t believe it? Well here is