Colombiana – The Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 9 Sep 2011 in Reviews

If you love generic action movies that lack any logic and coherence, Colombiana might be the right thing for you. If not, stay away from it.

Jumper Movie Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 27 Jul 2011 in Reviews

Well, it’s not an epic waste of time.

After dismembering Tron Legacy and before continuing to work off my list of planned movie reviews it’s time again time to wander into the Obscure Movie Territory. This time it’s The Way Back, a survival movie directed by Peter Weir (Truman Show).

Country Strong? More like Country Weak! (Review)

by Gunther Heinrich, 5 Jun 2011 in Reviews

It took me about one hour to figure out what Country Strong truly is. But it was worth it: Country Strong is like Baywatch with the bouncy babes replaced by melodramatic country singers.

The Thor movie? Not that good. (Review)

by Gunther Heinrich, 29 May 2011 in Reviews

I know there’s a plot in there that would make me care. I just cannot find it.