Normally I should write something about the current status of my 3D short movie project but this is something I simply have to write about.

Moments ago I surfed the web and found a web page that showed both the German Covers of the movie “Gremlins 2”. And I simply couldn’t believe what I saw. After checking the English versions of the same movie it was clear: Warner has lost any sense of taste. At least regarding DVD Covers.

When you have the old VHS Version of the movie or have seen it a dozens of times you surely know the old and great cover:


Not much to say except: great idea and execution. It shows the essence of the movie. Now here is the new version:

John Alvin and his Poster Art

by Gunther Heinrich, 10 Feb 2008 in Movie News The Movie & Me

One thing is for sure: the difference between Poster Art and Cover Art of the same movies most often cannot be bigger. While I often watch full of awe the things hanging down from the walls I am most often not amused by those “things” I see on many DVD Covers.

My personal “Cover of Hate” is the terrible DVD Cover Art for Matrix Revolutions which simply photoshops together all four different (and wonderful) single sheet posters (and is one reasons why I started to create some of my own poster/cover art of famous movies).

I can almost see the discussion going on for the DVD Cover Art of Matrix 3:

Manager 1: Well, well, we have a draw. Each poster got a vote. Now, what should