A Review of Star Trek

by Gunther Heinrich, 14 May 2009 in Reviews The Movie & Me

Star Trek is back!

At least this is what I can say about this franchise in light of the rave reviews and the recent success at the box office which blew everything else from the past out of the water.

Yesterday I finally watched Star Trek (2009) and I feel I need to write everything regarding this movie and mainly my personal history with this franchise to simply and finally get everything out of my head – especially regarding my hate for one special series.

Be prepared for a long post that deals with the series of Star Trek.

From Alien to X-Men: The Ranking

by Gunther Heinrich, 12 Mar 2009 in Analyses

Well, after my last analysis of the gross revenues of 32 franchises and trilogies I wanted to write a completely different post again. But while I was redesigning my blog to be even more minimalistic my mind started to wander which finally resulted in this one nagging question: which franchise / trilogy made the most money with its (first) three movies?

Of course, I couldn’t let this one be unanswered.

We all know them: STAR WARS, TERMINATOR and GODFATHER, to name just a few. But did you ever wonder how well or badly they fared at the box office? Well, search no further because after a statistical look at the most successful genres of 2008, this post will take a graphical look at 32 franchises and trilogies to give the answer.

Since yesterday my mind is racing because of a paragraph in Robert McKee’s book STORY that deals with James Bond (and Rambo) and the reason for his massive success. One reason is the big insight I got of screenwriting, or to be more precise of character creation and the other one is a feeling that McKee indeed hit the spot, but on the same time missed some other ones:
“Compare that flat pattern to James Bond. Three seems to be the limit on Rambo’s, but there have been nearly twenty Bond films. Bond goes on and on because the world delights in the repeated revelation of a deep character that contradicts characterization. Bond enjoys playing the lounge lizard: Dressed in a tuxedo, he graces parties, a cocktail glass dangling from his