The most successful Genres of 2008

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 Jan 2009 in Analyses

Hollywood is, after all, a business. Producers invest money in hope they can make money. In a perfect world, they make more than they invest. So, I am quite sure they analyze each and every movie regarding future projects and their chances of success.

While I could do the same and simply copy and paste all grosses of 2008 in this blog, I take a more profound way:

In this post I analyze the most successful genres of 2008, based on the Top 100 of BoxOfficeMojo (as of January 12th) and the genre classifications used there.

To do this I implemented a three part statistical analysis. Firstly I take a look at the overall grosses of each genre to see how much money went to Hollywood. Secondly I average those grosses by the number of movies. Then I take a look at the cost-income ratio. Finally I add all those results together in one final chart.

So, enough of theory, let’s start.

Did you ever notice that time flies on an amazing speed whenever you are drowning in work?

The last days were in a way truly frustrating. Not because of the other work I have to do (challenging but interesting would be the best way to describe it) but because of the missing time to sit down, think about the screenwriting book and its wisdom of words and get something started. Or continued. And as an added bonus I didn’t have the time or the energy to think about interesting topics I could write about. You know, that stuff you don’t read elsewhere.

Regarding A ROBOT’S DREAM and (its) storyI came to the conclusion that the next step in my 3D project must be to nail one elemental thing down: the genre.

It might