Batman goes east – A review of GOTHAM KNIGHT

by Gunther Heinrich, 8 Jul 2008 in Reviews


It seems that the experiment called THE ANIMATRIX paid of somehow, as the powers that be made another joint effort, combining again the writing power of the west with the animation power of the east. The result is GOTHAM KNIGHT, a movie consisting of six separate segments, each one with a different take on Batman.

In the following post I will dive into the dark world of the knight (lame pun intended) and give a small review for each of the segments.

The new Batman Anime

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Feb 2008 in Animation Movie News

Creative Commons License photo credit: Alternatewords

When you head over to a recent news post at Cartoon Brew, you will learn that there currently is a truly intruiging project in the works: Batman Animated. Or better Batman animated by Japanese Directors. Or in other words: Batman Anime.


Out of all the superheroes we have today I find Batman the most interesting one (I gladly ignore the abysmal series of the 60s *shudder*). For the most part this is due to his darker nature and hence darker tone/atmosphere of the stories that revolve around him (I gladly ignore the abysmal Batman Forever and Batman&Robin movies *shudder*). Personally I always