Is Hollywood Digging its own Grave?

by Gunther Heinrich, 2 May 2010 in The Movie & Me

You probably have heard of the music band OK Go, which are well known for their amazing one-cut music videos.

Some weeks ago they published their newest take, a marching band video to their latest track This Too Shall Pass. I watched the video, thought it’s amazing, wanted to blog about, but then learned that EMI prohibited viral marketing by not allowing embedding the video.

It stirred quite a small tornado in the net. And I decided to not blog about the video because I don’t promote the stuff of guys who piss me off by thinking they’re acting smart.

After that I didn’t bother anymore about it and so I totally missed the biggest news of them all regarding this matter: OK Go has decided to leave EMI and start their own label.

I was all “WOW” for a second and read the news to get some details (which are cool to read, by the way, I really start to love the front man Damian Kulash).

Here’s a money Quote from Kulash:

If someone’s gonna get to go make a three-minute movie, I wanna be the one having that fun! So in general, whenever we can do something ourselves, we do, because it also means that your career doesn’t ride on the ups and downs of somebody else’s marketing plan.

And while I was reading that one thought slowly crawled up in my mind: could something similar happen to big Hollywood production studios in the near future?

It seems that Hollywood is getting more desperate by the minute to find new stupid reboot ideas to ruin our daily nerves. In case you didn’t know Hollywood plans to reboot the reboot of Superman, wants to reboot Spiderman and reboots Fantastic Four, RoboCop and so many other franchises and wannabe’s.

I think we can all agree that this situation is slowly but surely getting out of hand. The best example truly is Superman which didn’t even scratch the surface of a true trilogy before a new reboot.

But this situation doesn’t have to go on forever. After some thinking I found a simple and straightforward yet ultimate solution to all this reboot madness coming from Hollwood:

I just read the post on Slashfilm about the studio’s intervention of the production of Fanboys which is ‘surprising’ and logic at the same time. The studio not only recut the movie many time and wanted to add silly shit, they also removed the core of the story: cancer.

And the reason is as simply as the blue of the skies:

“What they were trying to do was take my movie, our movie, and give it the biggest possible release, and find the biggest possible audience they could.”

Am I the only one who’s fed up with this kind of thinking?

The Spiral of Shit

by Gunther Heinrich, 2 Jun 2009 in The Movie & Me

You know, slowly but surely Hollywood is starting to be a pain in the ass. Ok, I am the first one to scream, ohm write that moviemaking is risky. A Producer can lose money faster than one might think but it is getting overboard because there are simply too many sequels, remakes and prequels in the works.

As to this sequel madness the last weeks were especially entertaining. Many news made their way to the movie blogs and hence to my RSS reader and there was once a point when I started to believe that this whole thing is a big single joke:

Yay for true, unstoppable creativity!!! Hollywood finally hit the eternal heights of creativity from which they cannot be thrown down anymore. They’ve done it. Seriously. Because….fasten your seatbelts…because they have decided to make a movie out of a bubblegum comic called Bazooka Joe.