Season of the Witch

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 Mar 2011 in Reviews

Sometimes I really wonder. Did the guy in charge of the script research his matter at hand? Or did he puzzle everything together by watching other movies dealing with the same topic?

For Season of the Witch the writer did neither. He went even so far as to bother himself with nothing at all it seems. Moreover, everybody else in the production team didn’t bother either about anything, too.

I Am Legend – The Crappy End Movie

by Gunther Heinrich, 18 Dec 2010 in Reviews

Wow. What the heck happened here? The last third (perhaps even the last half) of I am Legend is as bad as can be. In other words: It’s bullshit. It’s as simple as that.

(A.k.a. Paranormal Stupidtiy)

Why do people in horror flicks in general and especially the guys in Paranormal Activity act so splicely stupid? Was it the low budget of $15.000 max?

Piranha Movie Review – Oh the Horror!

by Gunther Heinrich, 30 Sep 2010 in Reviews

They should’ve stuck to the plot about the porn movie production…

Zombie Logic on a whole new Level

by Gunther Heinrich, 8 Jan 2009 in iFound


Logic is something you normally cannot expect in a horror movie. Or in a moment that is filled with horror. Take our poor friends called Zombies as an example. Each time someone in a movie sees our friendly rotten meat crawling, he runs away. Some might say this is logical.

Up to now I would have said the same.

But not anymore. And so will you after you watch the most hilarious 38 seconds ever produced regarding Zombies – from a direction many would never expect.