Those Hypes! Those Hypes!!!! Arrrrgghhhh!

by Gunther Heinrich, 24 Dec 2009 in The Movie & Me

Originally I didn’t plan on writing anything before or during Christmas. But…I have a confession to make: I can’t stand hypes and anything behind it. In the best case I get suspicious of the hypey-thingy, in the worst case I’d love to kick it off this ball.

I think I have this habit because to me a hype is nothing else than burning love in disguise. You don’t see the weaknesses, you do anything a normal person wouldn’t and you plaster the world around you with the usual lovey-thingy crap nobody wants to hear about.

Thank God the 3D Animation Hype cools down

by Gunther Heinrich, 16 Sep 2009 in Analyses

Unfortunately it doesn’t cool down fast enough.

Some time ago I wrote a – well I wouldn’t say truly harsh – blog post dealing with the ongoing “hype” that seems to be waging on regarding 3D cinema. Although I kept my fingers off my keyboard since then I nevertheless continued to think about this topic. And after a long time I think I finally found a valid argument to add to the discussion.