Predators Teaser Poster Reimagined

by Gunther Heinrich, 15 Mar 2010 in Creative

Soon the movie world will be blessed by a new iteration of the well known Predator franchise. I sure love the original movie to death but I am not quite sure if the new one can promise what the old one fulfilled. (Just for your info: I didn’t even care to watch any of the sequels or mash-ups.) So, the Predators teaser poster I just found on various movie news sites just is like I feared it to be: the idea itself is great because we all love and fear those nasty bastards but the execution of the idea is mediocre at best.

Star Trek as an Alternative Movie Poster

by Gunther Heinrich, 9 Sep 2009 in Creative

The gap between an idea and its execution sometimes can be as large as the empty lot between the ears of a clichéd horror movie chick.

Batman Begins as a Movie Poster

by Gunther Heinrich, 18 Jul 2009 in Creative

Do you still remember the horror Schumacher brought us with his abysmal Batman movies? I still cringe by the very thought of it (all those flashing lights and nasty designs…eek).

Thank god the franchise got a reboot and got a treatment the way it should be treated forever: dark and gritty.

And basically, this is what my newest movie poster art is all about.

Slumdog Millionaire as a Movie Poster

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 May 2009 in Creative

One thing is sure: some movie posters I create are definitely not fit for marketing. If it comes close they could be used as teaser posters that spark thousands of questions in the mind of the viewers and therefore do their job. Most often, though, my posters are for those who already have seen the movie and hence understand the underlying meaning.

The movie poster I created for Slumdog Millionaire is such an example.

The Matrix as a Movie Poster

by Gunther Heinrich, 18 Apr 2009 in Creative

Yesterday I was reminded of the 10th birthday of the well-known Matrix movie franchise that happened some days ago. The news of this birthday happened to be an immediate trigger in my mind for something related to it: an image.