Airplane! The Movie – The Review!

by Gunther Heinrich, 8 May 2010 in Reviews

Guys and Girls, I hereby officially declare that I am too stupid for Airplane!

Roland Emmerich: It’s a disaster!!!

by Gunther Heinrich, 6 Jul 2009 in iFound

I think we all know Roland Emmerich so I don’t need to write much about him or his background. He is the master of disaster. In more than one way.

Well, in some months he’ll invite us again into his world of much disaster and less story called 2012. And judging by the original trailer there’ll be many disasters waiting for us which at least look quite nice, albeit being a *little* bit physics defying here and there.

Unfortunately for Roland, his trailer is nothing compared to the unknown original trailer from the 70s for the still unreleased movie called 2012: It’s a disaster!…