Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

by Gunther Heinrich, 23 Dec 2015 in Reviews

Since the whole world seems to be fixated on Star Wars these days here’s a quick rundown of my impressons of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens:

The good:

– The humor is sometimes great even fantastic. I loved the scene were two Stormtroopers wisely avoided a raging Kylo Ren. The moment when the Wall-E knockoff was doing a thumbs up with its torch was the best one of the movie
– The effects are well done
– The Stormtroppers finally can hit something in front of them
– The Midichlorians were never mentioned. On the contrary the force was again portrayed as something mystical. It’s as if Episodes 1 to 3 never happened

The mediocre/bad:

– Was there any original idea in this movie?  Let me give a short sublist of stuff …

4 Links 4 You 4 Christmas

by Gunther Heinrich, 20 Dec 2009 in iFound

Christmas is slowly but surely knocking on the door – which means you gain a lot of weight on some places (fat) while you loose an astonishing amount of weight elsewhere (money).

If you cannot wait until the presents arrive or you are being tortured with yet another version of “My heart will go on” on the Christmas market (seriously, are they nuts?), I will therefore present you with something to ease your pain.

Since this is a blog, my presents to you are of course digital: four links to great stuff you can watch, read and listen to.

The Neverending Search for Crap

by Gunther Heinrich, 29 Dec 2008 in iFound

Do you remember moments in the past when you were searching for some information but couldn’t find anything coming close? And do you wonder why I am writing about this? Well, before I give you the answer, let’s start with the search for information.

STAR WARS as a Chart

by Gunther Heinrich, 21 Dec 2008 in Fun

Sorry STAR WARS fans, I couldn’t resist…

IMDB and movie geeks

by Gunther Heinrich, 17 Nov 2007 in The Movie & Me

What do you get when you mix a big database for movies and geeky movie fans?

You get an interesting list of characters you sometimes never heard of before.

For me, the Internet Movie Database, or IMDB, is one of the most important information ressource when it comes to movies or actors. I am quite sure that nothing else in the big wide net will come close to this vast amount of data. The best thing of course is the fact, that the team is not standing still. Some months ago (or weeks?) they added a new feature to the site: the character pages. This means, if you wanna know in which movies James Bond was a part of, now you can look. Moreover, it seems that those character pages