God dammit, Pixar!

by Gunther Heinrich, 27 Sep 2008 in Analyses Reviews

Why did you have to produce WALL•E? And why did you have to deliver such a wonderful result? And why did you have to release this movie just when I am about to create my own short movie about a small robot trying to fulfill its dreams?

Why???? Dammit!

Analyzing the overall structure of 2001: A Space Odyssey seems to be rather easy since Stanley Kubrick added titles to important chapters of the movie (with exception of “Intermission” which is marks a break for the audience in some cinemas (and is missing in all TV versions of the movie I know of)).

Going by the title cards in the movie it contains three chapters:

Diagram 01

But now a problem kicks in. The problem is the fact that an important part of the movie plays on a completely different time but isn’t marked with a title. Of course, I am talking about the early third of the movie which shows Dr. Floyd and the monolith on the moon. If you add this section to the structure you get something