Redline Review (The Anime)

by Gunther Heinrich, 19 Sep 2010 in Anime Reviews

I never, ever will be hyped about a movie again.

Dead Leaves Review

by Gunther Heinrich, 10 Sep 2010 in Anime Reviews

If you’re searching for a movie with deep characters or a thought out story: please, for the love of God, do not watch Dead Leaves and stay away from it as far as you can. Dead Leaves offers nothing of substance as characters or a deep plot. In fact, it’s the total opposite of said substance. It’s crazy, fast, brutal, vulgar, full of action and lacking almost any plot whatsoever (albeit having some twists here and there). If you’d give a (male) teenager some money and let his creative destruction roar, Dead Leaves might be the result.

Takeshi Koike, Dead Leaves and Redline

by Gunther Heinrich, 4 Sep 2010 in General Things

Several years ago I stumbled upon a trailer on YouTube. After I watched the whole five minutes of it (it’s not a trailer in the normal sense of the word) I knew one thing: I definitely need to see that movie as soon it gets released!!! The name of that movie is Redline, a science fiction anime movie about a crazy race without rules. And it took almost two to three years that my wish will finally be fulfilled! And you will be sitting in the first row of that happening…