Do you want to know how to know if a movie is mediocre at best and an unimaginable pile of shit at worst? And do you want to spot it fast?

Of course there are many ways to spot one of those “bad movies” out there. You can read reviews in magazines or blogs (like mine). Or you can even read some books about the art of film-making so you spot bad movies faster than the normal movie goer.

While those approaches are all valid and good there’s one easy way that’s amazingly fast. It only takes one minute – if at all. And you don’t have to read any text beforehand.

I hate movies. Of course not always, but sometimes. It happens when the producer seemed to be blind, the scriptwriter too stupid to find the delete key and me too stupid to simply walk out of the movie theater.

While I could slap me on the face each time anew when I sat through a bad movie it also gives me the chance to let my anger out as a means of a therapy and write it down in a list for your reading pleasure. So, I hereby present you the single worst movies I ever had to watch.

It’s the Best of the Worst, the Cream of the Crap!