Ten Reasons we really watch Movies

by Gunther Heinrich, 6 May 2009 in Fun

There are hundreds papers out there that try to find scientific reasons for why we watch movies. Some reasons they come up with are to be entertained or to flee the harsh reality of life.


Here’s a list of ten reasons we really watch movies in our movie theater of choice:

Ten surefire ways to build a successful Top Ten List

by Gunther Heinrich, 2 Jan 2009 in Fun

While thinking about a cool blog post I remembered Digg and a certain way to fill space when you don’t know what to do: lists. You know, the ultimate tip of any aspiring blog about Blog Tips.

So here we are, with a funnily epic list of ten unusual ways to create a Top Ten List for your (movie) blog.

Creative Commons License photo credit: arbyreed

For almost six years I go to a movie theater at least once in a week. But I do not go to movies I know of. That is boring. With at least 10 friends I attend Sneak Previews which not only give me the chance to watch bad movies and movies I never thought I would. They also give me the chance to experience sometimes truly crazy and unusual happenings a normal movie goer might never see.

So here it is. The Top Ten of the most unusual and crazy experiences in a Movie Theater:

10. Wrong movie tickets
In the