2010 Ends. It was nice.

by Gunther Heinrich, 19 Dec 2010 in The Movie & Me

Soon, the year 2010 ends and with it (as usual) a year full of movies (but no contact to aliens as predicted by some movies). Some of them were extraordinary, some of them shit. Well, judging from my reviews and my feelings the year for me was more mediocre than good.

Well, thanks to the Film Cynics I got wind of a nice compilation video I couldn’t have made any better.  I think it contains most of the better known and more (critically) successful movies of 2010, weaved together quite spectacularly.

Have fun watching it and trying to recognize all movies you’ve watched this year. I well reached the double digits – which nevertheless should be a shame for a movie reviewer and movie lover like me.

How many movies can you

If it’s a Klingon: Always Knock…

by Gunther Heinrich, 2 Jul 2010 in Fun

This one’s just a quickie, but the stop motion video “I am Beatiful” by Joshua and Nathan Flynn is too good to be left alone. Here’s the short video:

I always knew that Klingons have a softer side to them – but not that soft. I pity the red shirt for being too stupid to not knock at the door of a Klingon. Hello? You never enter the room of a Klingon without knocking first and running second.

Stupid red shirts…*grumble*

Andbyohtheway: I love the the animation here which is superb in my eyes. From start to finish. I especially love the moment when the Klingon (Worf??) goes into high pitch mode and starts to “wiggle” his whole body. Comedy

The Best Action Scene Ever

by Gunther Heinrich, 5 Jun 2010 in Fun iFound

The following clip is from a Bollywood movie called Alluda Majaka. Anyone who regularly watches YouTube videos should recognize the face of actor Chiranjeevi, as this guy emerges everytime you search for “Bollywood” “action scene” or similar stuff.

And boy does he deliver in this video!

In a way he’s the one who comes closest to our holy action god Chuck Norris. Of course there’s still a margin of the size of a galaxy between both since Chuck Norris can walk on air and once destroyed a black hole just by shouting at it.

Nevertheless, having a horse slide underneath a car and riding through glass panes where you’d normally place doors and riding between a bunch of strategically extremely well placed cars is epic, too.

Watch and marvel:

Imagine a movie that depicts a world in which dreams and reality are close together. Creatures as big as skyscrapers or as small as flies inhabit this world in which the sun never sets. Think of Big Fish by Tim Burton in full power and put to the extremes (hence the picture above from it). This world is only one blink away, you just have to look. It resides slightly besides our reality. But we lost the ability to see a long time ago.

Not using this movie blog for some shameless self-promotion is as if James Bond would stop wearing or showing off product placements. Not only would the financial crisis get worse, but also this blog would have one post less to boast on Google.

This cannot happen!!!

On the other hand, is it bad to rely on a double fantasy for men and women to justify ones actions? After I consulted my doctor about it this night (he was thrilled…by my call) and after I asked the buddy cops that arrived some minutes later I knew it: no one gives a shit!

Thanks to them it’s time again for a little bit of creativity. You know, my creativity. You know, my creativity which I snitched from here and there. A little…

I think the internet watchers new-fashioned-ly call this remix. Well, at least it didn’t turn out to be a reboot Hollywood is so hot for. Have fun watching the psychedelic ride…