What would happen when the THX Logo starts shaking and the mascot Tex tries to repair it but something goes wrong? This short gives the funny answer.

About the THX-Spoof:

This idea originally started in 2005 when I had to sit through the THX-Logo Animation each week I went to my cinema of choice.

Originally I planned to create a full 3D animated short movie, yet I had some troubles to find enough jokes to fill the time. So, the short went down in my personal ToDo-List and eventually got forgotten. At the beginning of 2008 I finally remembered that there was a long forgotten project and decided to go the short one-joke way – which, in review, was the right decision.

To create this short I recreated the whole setting of the original trailer in my 3D application of choice, hence, everything you see, is “original”. I managed to finish the animation rather fast, texturing and lightning to nail this thing down was really a long task.